Welcome to a creator and direktor.
Go into higher consciousness.

Begin step by step to make your own film to shape your future life path for a higher awareness.  

Everyone has a desire for joy, happiness and love. The desire is the cause of start every new thought. Desire is the bubbly source for thounght distributions of all. Desiring thoughts produce in us desires and aspirations, in life good luck, joy, to have success and to lead a comfortable life without worry. Everyone wants that. In the morning, get up, look brightly in the mirror and cheerfully start the day. This makes life fun. A great design. Not just for three weeks on vacation. Why not live so happily all the time? Some people get this done. 

Others, on the other hand, welcome the new day rather badly moody and grumpy. The daily worries, problems with neighbors, with boss and colleagues, are there early in the morning. Who knows what else is coming. For many people this is the case or similar. What prevents us from completely changing the stressful life-crises in our favor? Why continue to live in the familiar old limitations of anxiety and guilt? Why not make everything more beautiful as it did on vacation? But yes, the fears have returned to everyday life. Feelings of inferiority and fear prevent us from believing in ourselves and unfolding our inner potential. On vacation, we had completely forgotten and left behind the fear, which had already been there since childhood. Unconsciously everything is blanked out and boundaries crossed. This got us visibly good. We arrived at home but well recovered and got many compliments. The best thing to do is to go on holiday right away, to forget about rules and feelings of guilt when you're impressed with your holiday. Throughout our lives, we are already suffering from the depreciation we have learned. That we are not good enough that we have not earned it. Others are better than us, have already been preferred by the rich parents' house. The whole fate is unjust, so we have been taught. We have not been told that in our inner being there is a huge potential of power and the power of love. Which together is an ingenious creativity potential and we are able to design everything ourselves to be more beautiful to our advantage. Which is waiting to be activated and used by us. So that we can change and enjoy life successfully. It is not our task to remain in pain. We are now laying down the principles which are to guide us in the future. We cement our thinking to a new, own foundation. We lead our lives authentically and consciously alone. We are our own builder and able to shape our future destiny according to our ideas. Every day anew. Yes, we are the director and designer of our lives. We give the directions for the design and sequence of the future scenes in our lives with the beautiful events. We are the actor and determine how exciting our film is and what grandiose climax he will lead us! Only we ourselves are now filming our own lives!  

Our reoriented thinking, our feelings, emotions, our love, the words and actions are genius creators for our success story. This allows us to shape our lives every day new and successful and to define our own accents. Let us put an end to the unconscious life-trot with automatic reactions, without having to think. Let us make conscious choices, in our own authority. With the free spirit, we have the great freedom of choice without limitation in us. Review the impaired limitations that you have inherited through accepted teachings. Be careful which religious beliefs you want to keep up. If certain doctrines cause inconvenience, inner oppression, or even fear, you should bravely separate from fear teachings with hell and fire and reject this oppressive power of the church institutions. You do not need to continue to cultivate it and carry it as an internalized belief until the end of your days, to be bound by institutions with fear. Be your own mentor who will be able to live in peace without fear and guilt in the future, and this is a very God-pleasing way. This unrestricted right has existed since birth. The way to God does not lead to distress, sickness, or suffering. This is a painful way and does not please God. They also do not want children to prove their parents love by sickness and suffering. God loves his children and he wants you to be well and to pray to him in joy. Anxiety is a sticky, bad energy with a wide range of effects. Clear your imagined fears, guilt, fire and hell with an eternal damnation from your programming and do not pass on such thoughts to your children. Children are entitled to a happy life with joy, happiness and freedom, without the instituted beliefs of fear and fear with burdensome turmoil, in the further life.  

The events in our lives are the real rendering of our mental images through our own productions or the execution of our actions through cultured beliefs. With our own directions, the self-designed rotating sections, we will be the sole main actor of our real life. No ..., not another is to blame for the state of our lives. God also does not regulate things for us according to his ideas, or makes our plans useless again. No ..., it's all in our own hands. This does mean that we should believe in God deeply, to love him heartily, and to pray to him. You should do that ! But every man is his own master and director of his life. This great gift gave us God into the cradle and the way of life. We alone have designed everything, and by our actions have made the seed of how it came, how it is, and how it will yet come. We should recognize this and learn to accept it and not blame anyone else anymore. With blame, we give away our power. If we accept this responsibility consciously, we draw the power back to us. Or let us easily redirect through developed teachings of institutions, organizations and opinion leaders. Accept and trust ourselves better with the certainty that we are powerful, valuable and strong. We alone shape and bear the responsibility for our entire life. We are here on earth to consciously take our life task, to develop the inner strength, to recognize who we really are. This is what our soul wants. Every soul is a master. No master sees himself as a victim. A consciousness of the victim will suffer with all the resulting creations of fear, suffering, disappointment, loneliness, illness and distress, which are exclusively their own creations.

With positive thoughts, creative words and newly organized actions, we can give our future many happiness, health and well-being. Acquired automatisms of fear, restriction by original sin, guilt, hell and fire can be safely erased.

With the reorientation of the mind, the free spirit is set up on its own initiative and activated with internal acceptance. There are no victims in the universe. Only an unlimited Creator Spirit.  We are the ones who have awakened and are then active with a great power source in our lives.


A creator builds himself with a free spirit.
Good thoughts.
The right word. The welcome work.

(Heinz Messerer)